• Product Name:OLV3010 General Purpose Acetic Silicone Sealant
  • Product ID:OLV3010
  • Specification:
  • Two-dimensional code:
Product Details


OLV3010 Super Performance Acetic Silicone Sealant is one-component room temperature fast curing acetic silicone sealant. The main characteristics are high strength, great coherence, low modulus and low permeability. It has great adhesion to many kinds of construction materials. It is fast curing and permanently flexible, waterproof and outstanding weather resistant.


Main purposes:

  1.      Suitable for doors and windows installation;
  2.      Suitable for sealing, repairing, glazing and mending of glass;
  3.      Suitable for sealing of signs and show-case.



1.       One-component, room temperature, low modulus acetic silicone sealant; excellent toughness, high elasticity and easy to use;

2.       Excellent weather-ability, durability;

3.       Excellent adhesion to most construction materials;

4.       Colors include transparent, white, grey and black, or other colors as per customers’ requirements.


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