• Product Name:OLV 368 Multi-Purpose Acetic Silicone Sealant
  • Product ID:OLV368
  • Specification:
  • Two-dimensional code:
Product Details


OLV368 Multi-Purpose Sealant is one-component, acetoxy cure, high quality silicone sealant designed for general purpose glazing and waterproofing application. It has high tensile strength and good elasticity, excellent weatherability, waterproof and good adhesion to most construction materials.


Main purposes:

1.       For windows glazing, door frames, display cupboardsall kinds of indoors and outdoors glass engineering;

2.       For sealing glass, aluminum alloy and ceramic;

3.       For other general waterproof and sealing purpose.



1.       One-component, acetic-cured, RTV, high tensile strength and good elasticity;

2.       Easy to use, fast curing, durable, and excellent weatherability;

3.       Good adhesion to most building material

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